Anonymous CVS access

Buildtool uses the GNU CVS utility as its version control system. This page provides instructions on how to access the repository and how it is organized. Basic CVS knowledge is assumed.

Remember that only anonymous access through the pserver method is provided to the public.

Also remember that sources fetched using CVS are considered to be unstable by nature. They may contain more bugs than formal releases, don't work at all or even not build. Therefore they are addressed to people who wants to help with development, to people reporting bugs (so they can check if it has already been solved in bleeding edge sources) or to those who want to see new features before the next formal release is made.

CVS modules

The repository contains the following modules:

Browse CVS

Click here to browse the CVS repository online, without having to download it.

Fetching the sources and staying up to date

In order to download program sources, issue the following commands (when asked for a password for the anonymous account, simply hit the enter key):

$ mkdir buildtool
$ cd buildtool
$ cvs -d login
$ cvs -z3 -d checkout src

Note: The third command (the one containing the login keyword) needs to be executed only once (the first time you download the sources). CVS will remember the password you entered permanently.

To keep your sources up to date, issue:

$ cd buildtool/src
$ cvs update

More information is available here (Sourceforge generic instructions).